Programs Tailored to Growth Stages


In our Playschool programme, our dedicated carers prioritise a supportive environment where your little one receives positive adult attention. Through gentle interactions and soothing routines, we foster a warm and caring atmosphere to support your child’s early development. Our programme encourages exploration, providing age-appropriate sensory activities such as gentle music sessions and colourful visual stimulation to engage your infant’s curiosity.


Our Nursery programme focuses on fostering early literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional skills through a variety of engaging activities. Toddlers participate in daily circle time sessions, where they learn nursery rhymes, practice counting, and develop language skills through storytelling and group discussions. Hands-on activities such as building blocks, puzzles, and sorting games are incorporated to enhance fine motor skills and cognitive development. Outdoor playtime allows toddlers to explore nature, develop gross motor skills, and engage in cooperative play with their peers.

A Holistic and Fun Based Curriculum

A Holistic and Fun Based Curriculum

Comprehensive and Interactive Learning Program

Our program focuses on developing individual core strengths by inculcating edutainment exercises on a daily basis


Prangan leaves no stone unturned to provide children with invaluable opportunities to explore, observe, and learn beyond the confines of a traditional classroom setting.


The indoor games are carefully selected to engage your child and strengthen his or her analytical skills through hands on activities.


We conduct workshops across varied topics from art and craft to science to develop your child in a whole rounded capacity.

Seminars for Parents

Our seminars for parents focus on ensuring that as primary care givers, parents can maintain a healthy work-care-life balance.

Sports Day

An annual event where we encourage our children to bring out their interests in games and athletics.

Annual Day

An annual get together conducted for all the parents and students, where the students perform, enact and take part in various other engaging activities.

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