Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnership

Prangan - Trusted Child Care Partner

Prangan offers tailored corporate tie-ups to businesses seeking to support their employees with top-notch childcare solutions. Our comprehensive daycare services ensure a nurturing environment for children, allowing working parents to focus on their professional responsibilities with peace of mind.

Our Solutions

On-Site Prangan Childcare Centres

Many companies are discovering the secret to happier, more productive employees: on-site childcare centres. These centres offer speedy implementation, quality control, and transparent pricing. Employees appreciate the convenience and exclusive access. With the flexibility to adjust capacity, on-site childcare centres are a game-changer for supporting your workforce. Discover the benefits today for a happier, more productive team.

Customisable Childcare Solutions

Near-site daycare facilities feature top-notch amenities, such as play areas, learning programmes, and skilled staff, ensuring children receive excellent care. The proximity of childcare fosters a more productive and family-friendly work atmosphere, giving employees peace of mind. Prangan’s child development and care centres not only offer full and half daycare programmes but also create a nurturing learning environment for children.


The childcare industry has experienced a tremendous growth in the last five years and the amount parents invest in their children is expected to double in the next two years. Be a part of this booming industry and invest your money in a momentum gaining venture and be sure to get promising returns on your investment.

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