About Prangan

Prangan, a Sanskrit word means a courtyard. It is not just an ordinary open space that lies facing the house but a courtyard blossomed by exquisite flower beds and shrubberies which make a house, a home.

Acknowledging the idea of a ‘Prangan’, we have created a warm environment where smiling seeds are sown into strong soils which enable them to develop into beautiful flowers that can withstand the sun and the storms. We consider ourselves as the gardeners who tend the flowers, day in and day out with utmost love and care. Owing to our immense experience, Prangan has created a niche and offers best facilities for the children.

Since Prangan focuses on all round development of the child, we conduct diverse courses that benefit our children and their parents as well.


Prangan was started by Mrs. Swati Prashant Pangaonakar, who has secured a degree in ‘Human Development’ from SNDT University.She has been working with children for more than 25 years. Prangan – her brain child is now 10 years old.
‘Prangan’ is a Sankrit word, which means,  ‘Courtyard’, but  not just an ordinary courtyard but a place which provides an engaging environment where your child can play, learn and develop into a whole  rounded individual.