Our all-woman staff puts your child’s social well being on priority and creates an environment which is safe and comfortable. We provide material, equipment and activities that reflect  culture, diversity, developmental abilities, individual learning style and home language.

Our staff has an experience of X man years and we ensure that each member of our team  undergoes our training programme to be well equipped to take care of your loved one. We provide safe,appropriate and sufficient equipment, toys, art material and furniture that supports the learning expectations.

At Prangan, we are passionate about your little ones. We cater to their needs and provide individual attention. Our infrastructure addresses to different developmental domains like aesthetic, emotional, language, cognitive, sensory, social and physical at the centre.



Our working hours are tailored to your convenience. Our playschool is open from 9am to 8pm for 6 days a week. We are happy to care for your little one anytime you choose to drop them during the working hours. The duration and timings can be decided by you. Work or give yourself some me-time.Your loved ones are in good hands!


Our premises are child proof and the area has been designed keeping your little one’s curiosity in mind! We also have CCTV cameras that helps us monitor our premises 24X7 so that we can ensure that your child is safe at all times. Our staff has been trained to keep safety as their highest priority during all activities.